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The Customer Service Training Center offers a variety of Skill Development Seminars that will increase your staff's effectiveness in properly dealing with your customers. Our customer service training seminars, workshops and courses are available throughout both the US and Canada.

To develop, maintain, and expand business, companies must satisfy a complex array of client needs. It can be difficult for many companies to adequately respond to these needs in an environment shaped largely by uncontrollable external forces. These forces include existing competitors seeking a larger "piece of the pie," new entrants into markets, product innovations, and increasingly insistent calls for improved quality and reduced prices. These, as well as and other factors, create new and more sophisticated demands on your internal support groups.

Successful customer service is no longer a matter of mere technical proficiency. Rather, it is a combination of technical expertise, the ability to manage both information and people, and efficient communication. Our Managing Customer Relations/Relationship Building Seminars arms the participants with such skills, and gives all employees powerful new insights into client behavior, in addition to effective tools for creating lasting client satisfaction.

Customer Feedback…

  • I feel that I have a greater understanding of how to offer exceptional customer service."

    - Heather Macpherson Customer Service Phoenix Arizona

  • What a fabulous 'eye' opening experience. I would recommend this class to any one who is in contact with the customer."

    - Letha Simmons
    Applications Support Engineer
    Tucson, Arizona

  • An excellent class. Simple ideas and insight presented with humour and energy. Feeling pretty inspired right now, thank you to the instructor for doing a first rate job."

    - Duncan Wright Technical Support Manager Tucson, Arizona

  • Good content. It was a worthwhile day."

    - Patrick Sherrill CEO Phoenix Arizona

  • good class, well taught."

    - Bernie Armstrong Director of Network Operations Phoenix Arizona

Customer Service Training Seminars & Workshops: are scheduled at your offices or through our open enrollment seminars: We also offer customer service training seminars to the general public.

Customer Service Training Programs, Seminars & Workshops are available in the  US and Canada:
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