Customer Service Training Center

The Customer Service Training Center specializes in customer service class skills development through powerful programs and classes – Award winning Customer Service Program

Our Customer Service Training Programs:
As a customer service manager, customer service representative, sales rep, administrative assistant or an executive, how you treat your customers is your most valuable activity. At the Customer Service Training Center we know that if you don't treat your customer the way you would like to be treated then you are missing an opportunity to maintain and then grow your business. If you want to increase your customer service effectiveness you will need to learn to prioritize tasks and activities, eliminate negative behavior, and meet your customer’s needs. 

At the Customer Service Training Center participants will focus their efforts on learning tasks that help them to best meet their customer’s needs. Exceptional Customer Service skills includes determining what to do and how to manage the customer interchange. Through our customer service training program we will help participants with their customer service challenges. Our learning systems classes are activity driven and through the use of practical self-management skills, exercises and games each participant will learn to solve their customer service challenges. 

Our customer service classes teach by doing with less than 15% lecture and 85% hands on activities. Participants learn by doing and not by being told. Exercises are practical, realistic, fun and are skill based.

To maximize your customer service team’s effectiveness we suggest our custom, private customer service training seminars offered in house at the location of your choice, usually in groups of 6 or more.

Contact us for a free consultation on how we can best service your training needs. See our Exceptional Customer Service classes in action through one of our public training programs.

Customer Service Training Customer Comments:

Customer Service Training? Who needs it! Ok my entire customer service class needed this customer service program more than they needed to take lunch breaks or coffee breaks. My team refused to stop working on improving their customer service program skills. I have seen the difference in attitude and performance on the job. We are signing up 20 additional folks to take your August program. Congratulations and thank you. "
William Enright & Mary Ellen Williger Customer Service Supervisors Manhatten Construction Houston Texas Supplies July 27, 2012

Your customer service program was outstanding. We have now signed up more participants for two in house classes by your institute. "
Mrs. Henry Sesnarou, Director of Operations and Customer Care Western Region Allied Business Products Houston Texas May 2012

 Thank you for your customer service program notes that you sent me after the training class. I used them with my fellow team leaders and the notes really helped us from sounding like we were reading from a book. Glad we had the opportunity to attend your program. I appreciate it. "
Nancy Idleboser, Customer Service Program Director, Houston Industries Houston Texas June 2012